Drop Dead Festival at Ads (Maria Am Ostbahnhof)     electronica,experimental,indie,krautrock,math,metal,new wave,noise, performance,post-punk,post-something,punk,rave

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Berlin via New York festival allowing one to sup off all these cups…

Art Damaged music including synth wave , queer electro, mutant wave, minimal wave, no wave, cold wave, weirdo post punk, ritual music, anarcho and positive punk, psycho beats, future experimentation , neo billy wave, synth punk, death disco, 8 bit and nintendocore core, tropical sexy beats, ndw, and everything in between.

Featuring, but not limited to, the sterling talents of:

13th Moon, Ania et le Programmeur, Bettina Kster, Birth!, BitLuder, Bloodygrave & Die Lust, Butterclock, Charles De Goal, CREEP, DAT Politics, Death of Abel, Die Selektion, DJ Polina Y, Ernesto Tomasini, Gemeine Gesteine, Harry Merry, Jemek Jemowit, Kombat Katz, Lebanon Hanover, Los Carniceros del Norte, Modern Witch, Mueran Humanos, NEON, Noisy Pig, o F F, Petra Flurr, Phoenix Catscratch, Popoi Sdioh, Reliq, Schwefelgelb, Scream Club, Sewn Leather, Sick Girls, Soviet Soviet, The Echo Vamper, The Legendary Pink DotsUnison, Velvet Condom, WieAe1/4e Fabryk, Zombina and the Skeletones

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Daily Timetables:


With a special presentation from the wonderful people at Black Magick on Sept 4th featuring…

King Dude // Modern Witch // Gemeine Gesteine // Death of Abel // reliq

…more understanding gained and retained through the following short film…

Recommended By: Dan Haak


Event Details

HEADLINERDrop Dead Festival Ix


START DATESeptember 1

START TIME20:00:00

VENUEMaria Am Ostbahnhof



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