Shobaleader One – Strom, München – 27.03.2017     Electro, Jazz, Funk

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Squarepusher with his extraordinary new band Shobaleader One on tour

They call themselves Shobaleader One, wear frock-like garments as well as helmets with glowing LED’s and play music which ranges from jazz, funk to electro.
Even if you can’t see, but one of the band members is everything but unknown: the bass player is no one else than Tom Jenkinson, better known as Squarepusher. Jenkinson found Shobaleader One, to record music with more vocals and released the album „d’Demonstrator“ under the new alias in 2010.
After his solo-albums „Ufabulum“ and „Damogen Furies“ and touring as a single artist, he played his first shows with Shobaleader One last October in London and Brighton. It seems like he enjoyed it, because the band announced a tour, which will bring them to Germany for three shows.

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