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Gunning For Tamar secret show

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Thanks to some random soundcloud browsing I came across another fantastic band from Oxford two weeks ago. The band is called Gunning For Tamar and they just finished touring Germany for the first time ever. While I was looking for a Berlin date in their schedule I found that they had a date but no venue to play at. So I contacted the band and after a few emails exchanged my friend Clarice at It’s all in yr head PR suggested that the band could play at her house which they did.

It was my first ever house show and I was astonished how they managed to squeeze all their equipment, a double bed, about 20 people and a cat into Clarice’s room. The band rocked a lot harder than on their four track debut EP Deaf Cow Motel but most bands to sound heavier live. Unfortunately, I don’t have a setlist but the band asured me that they played every song in their repoirtoire.

I hope we’ll get an album from these guys soon as well as a club show. In the meantime here’s two free downloads and some impressions from the show. All photos courtesy of Dean Rostron.
Gunning For Tamar – German Treasure Island