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With four sold out shows at Lido next week starting on April 25th it’s heady times for Bodi Bill. This electro-indie-dance-pop trio make music to dance, sing and to let go to. Recent album What? finds them in top form doing what they do best…getting you off your ass and onto the dancefloor.

I caught up with the band at their rehearsal studio to talk overheating PA systems, Berlin myth/hype and why Alex went to school the day after the Berlin Wall fell.

So what was your first record you remember buying?

Alex: The first record that I ever bought was a punk record called Slime. When I was 15. I don’t listen to it anymore.
Yeah I don’t doubt it. It’s probably decomposing somewhere.
: Mine was a cassette. It was after the wall came down when I was 12 years old. It was a Technotronic album.
Yeah, Pump up the Jam.
: Actually I bought REM which is not really what I listen to anymore. It’s nice though. That was the “Best of” record and I bought it because I liked “It’s the end of the world as we know it”. I love this song and it was on this record.

Do you remember the first big show that you went to see?

Alex: It was straight after the wall came down there was a huge concert by Herbert Groenemeyer who had a concert behind those new buildings outside of Berlin. About 80 thousand people came to see it and you could pay for it in East German marks. We paid 20 Ost Marks. It was just a field and a stage.
: And probably no sound.
: I don’t remember the sound. I was pretty young back then. I had a cassette of his.
: First show was Depeche Mode in Waldbuehne in ’93.
Anything Memorable about it?
Yes I was 15 years old and I remember everything. It was the first time Dave had his long hair and I was a bit confused about it. I was a fan of electronic music at the time and a fan of the Violator album. When they recorded it they were straight and not so rock and roll. And when I saw them live they had a drum set and guitars which was something different to what I expected. Later I discovered Nirvana and all the grunge stuff and rock and roll but before that I just listened to Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys and this synth-pop.
: I really don’t know. There were some kids concerts but this doesn’t count I guess. I didn’t really go to shows. It really started with school bands in 10th grade or so.

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