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In their own words they are one of the few cool bands in town. I guess they are not far off since almost every time I’d mention I’ll be interviewing Chuckamuck I got many words of approval for their shows and garage rock sound. They are a hot ticket in this city.

They started simple at school, playing shows wherever, whenever. As long as there would be people to party with, they didn’t care. It’s not about the money they say but for the fun of making music. Soon they will indulge their fans further with a “mix-tape”, a free download containing rough recordings of their new songs, just to give you a taste of what’s in store on their second album that’s still in the works.

I met up with the band at their basement rehearsal room to ask them a few questions.

How did you meet guys?

Jiles: We met first at school. We were class mates when we started to play. We met Lorenz on −


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