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Image: Carolin Guenther

Delta Love (Carl guitar/foot-organ/vocals, Til drums/vocals) have been winning over audiences in Berlin with their unique combination of reverb-laden guitar, drums, vocals and foot-organ, a dizzyingly brilliant mix of 60s garage-psych influences filtered through their own modern day approach.
Having sprung themselves upon unsuspecting crowds all over Berlin through support slots with Sic Alps, Bob Log III, Strange Boys, several appearances at the esteemed Future Days nights, and regular shows at Antje Oklesund to mention but a few venues, Berlin’s “finest lo-fi garage duo” as described by, will also play support to King Khan & BBQ Show this autumn at Festsaal Kreuzberg, a sure sign that a band is coming of age.
Their recent EP, Post Tempus, was released last May through Smoky Carrot records.

We caught up with these two young Berliners at their rehearsal room to ask a few quick questions.

You’ve had a busy twelve months and many highs…which are the most memorable?

Carl: The best thing that happened to us was the support show for Sic Alps at West Germany a year ago. We made many good contacts there, a lot of people saw us play for the first time and we just really had a great time. Sic Alps are one of the bands we like most at the moment, we love their sound, they’ve influenced us quite a bit. And we got a first nice mention in a review on aswell as you know.

What’s the plan for the future?

Carl: We’re working on new songs, recording a bit and building up to a complete album. We’re going to play in Copenhagen in December aswell which will be great, it’ll be nice to play in another country.

Which bands have had the most influence on your sound?


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