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Berlin is the home of the well known singer-/songwriter Kitty Solaris. She is one of those people that successfully manages to divide her time between making music and running her own record label Solaris Empire.

The last months have been especially busy for Kitty since she at the same time as working on promotion for other artists, readies her latest album Golden Future Paris.

The new record is quite different from her two previous ones. It’s punctuated by light, catchy melodies incorporating elements of electronic pop, indie rock, jazz and even hip-hop. Positive reviews are already flowing in for what some are saying might be her best work yet.

But before all that happens luckily she found the time to talk music…


What’s the first record you ever bought? Do you remember?

I think it was The Smiths. Strangeways, here we come.

Did you like it?

I loved it.

What band musician do you admire the most?

I like Empire of the Sun. I love Bloc Party very much. I also just discovered a band from Berlin, called Bodi Bill, and I really like it too. They combine electronics with folk stuff, which is very interesting. The XX is another band that I enjoy. In fact I would say they are my favourite at the moment. I saw their concert in Magnet when they were not so known. They were supporting another band and they were very shy on stage. They were great and I really like the record.

Speaking of shyness…Do you ever get stage fright?

Yes a lot. In the past I had to drink a lot of wine before a concert, but now I try not to drink too much. Especially on tour one can’t drink, because it’s exhausting. You have to be fit on stage and then the next day. I had to reduce drinking to one glass or two.

Would you have any word of advice for young musicians in Berlin?

I think it would be good to get out of Berlin. Many musicians I know are stuck here because there are many small bars to play in.

You don’t mean move out of Berlin but just play in different locations?

Yeah. In different cities, in different countries.

Many local bands write their lyrics in English. Do you think it’s an advantage or disadvantage to sing in German?

In the past years the record companies wanted bands singing in German because this kind of music was easier to sell. The most successful bands in Germany sing in German, like Die aerzte or Tocotronic, so in a way it’s an advantage. My aim, however, is to make internationally known music and that’s why I sing in English. If you sing in English you can reach other countries

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