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CIMG2048 300x225 Option Weg at SupamollyOption Weg closed a seven show tour of Germany on March 10th with a filled to capacity show at Supamolly in Friedrichshain. Their unique theatrical performance of cabaret-gypsy-folk-punk began with a digital projection of a couch that moved around Berlin while carrying the band members. Maybe a metaphor for the lives these veteran Berliners have lived in this city.

Option Weg (Moni, Steffn, Yoerg, and Anja) performed with the confidence of a band coming off tour and the energy of a group of celebrating circus acrobats, although at the same time it seemed they were happy to be home. The diverse crowd was very receptive and demanded an encore, not surprising since the band make themselves accessable to a wider audience by singing in four different languages and the live show features confetti, costumes and glittery hats along with choreographed stage moves.optionA e1332160936584 300x105 Option Weg at Supamolly

In contrast to the party happening on stage, the band deals with some serious social and political topics in their

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