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Quixote is not the type of band that hangs out in trendy bars wearing skinny jeans. They are a group of individuals that strongly believe in what they do. The last thing they would probably want is to give birth to the kind of music that would seriously compromise what they believe to be good quality music. Art first, popularity second. I appreciate that a lot in a world populated with mediocre talents supported by big budget record companies thinking only of the profit margin.

Cameron Laing is behind the wheel in this group, formed in the UK initially, under the name Rebel Jane. With some minor success under their belt and a name change to boot, the time came to move to Berlin and start from scratch. Their sound changed and maneuvered into darker, gloomier, more bluesy territory and with Berlin’s generous offering of musicians to choose from, they now have a chance to experiment more than ever. Currently working on a new album, the world is beginning to open up for Quixote.

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START DATEJanuary 13

START TIME20:00:00

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