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Aend now for something completely different… and by different we mean a band that has come to a lot of people’s attention not only for their insane sound, but also for their rather unusual attire, for a male band that is. The Feminists drink a few beers, jump on stage, scream and rock out just like any other band, with the exception that these guys like to do the formerly mentioned activities in skirts, bras, garter belts and high heel shoes.

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They often play in squats as they feel most comfortable among the dirt, alcohol and thrill hungry people, it’s also the perfect place to let their uninhibited and trashy rock’n'roll loose. Their partly-written, partly-improvised compositions come from the gut, only to create a ball of energy that the audience feeds off from beginning to end. Those who try to resist it fail miserably.

We recently caught up with Sam aka Samantha Fuchs and Kevin aka Dr. Tranny for some girl talk.


From now on anything you say will be held against you.
Samantha Fuchs:
Yeah man be careful. Don’t talk about what a twat Elias is.

So you’re Dr. Tranny and you’re Sammy the Bitch?
So he says. I’ve been experimenting with names actually. Samantha Fuchs. Claudia Groin.
Miley Virus.
It’s best if we stay off that one. That one will get me into trouble.

Recommended By: Olga Baczynska


Event Details

HEADLINERThe Feminists


START DATESeptember 16

START TIME20:00:00

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