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Right before their gig at the Introducing showcase tomorrow night, Ralph of To Kill A King took some time off to answer a few questions for Blitzgigs. They’re also giving away a free download of their current single Bones.

How did you come up with the name To Kill A King?
We all met in a pub in London I had a list of names written down and we argued it out. The name is taken from a line in hamlet.

How did you meet and when did you decide to make music together?
Me Ian and josh met at uni, we then bumped into John am Ben when we move to London from Leeds.

Which popular song do you believe you could do a cover of that is better than the original version?
Better? That’s tough and very subjective. I love covering female artists as there is no temptation to copy their vocal style. We’ve covered the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Feist and Lana Del Ray before.

What is the most embarrassing record you ever bought?
Eagle Eye Cherry.

Who do you think is the most underrated band right now?
Peter and Kerry.

Is there a band or an artist that you really loved before they got big and do you feel different about them since they got famous?
Bastille I suppose. I loved them before and now even more so. Seeing an audience connect with a song on that scale is amazing.

Who’s your favorite live band?
I saw The Who the other day and it was mind blowing.

Who do you think will be “the next big thing”?
Benin City.

Is there anything experimental you would love to do musically?
I’ve started writing for banjo. Not sure that counts though.

What would be your personal highlight in terms of playing at a specific venue, or working with someone specific etc?
We are playing a headline show at KOKO in London this year and I can’t wait.

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