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Martin Rev at White Trash

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I found MAertin Rev’s set at White Trash on Tuesday Sept. 20, 2011, comforting. He played material that spanned more than 30 years, (early Suicide to Stigmata) and made it cohesive. To see an artist that is as vital and as connected to his audience as he was in the 70’s perform is a rare pleasure. During my interview with him prior to the show he stated, “the piano is a technological instrument”. I think this adequately describes the way Martin Rev is able to transcend the electronic instruments he uses to express himself.

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The DJ for the night was Jochen Arbeit (Einsturzende Neubauten) someone who has a somewhat similar history. It was a great moment when the two met backstage. There was mutual admiration and I could not help imagining a Neubauten, Martin Rev collaboration. It’s nice to dream.

As a solo artist Martin Rev conjures the essence of 50’s doo-wop and merges it effortlessly with beats that would be at home on an album by Massive Attack or Daft Punk. He never settles on a genre but combines them effortlessly, always refusing to be defined even by the terms no wave and proto-punk. Which one could argue he invented. If you have not checked out his solo work you should.thumbs img 8652 Martin Rev at White Trash

Openers for the night, Mueran Humanos (previously, previously) featured crazy stage antics and minimal electronic beats. They warmed the crowd up well for a legendary performer who still has a story to tell: Martin Rev.