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IMG 6339 65DaysOfStatic at Lido

Live photos and mini-review from the 65DaysOfStatic gig at Lido, Berlin on the 9th November, 2010. Words and Images: Olga Baczynska.

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Being more familiar with their old stuff rather than We Were Exploding Aenyway, I expected a more post-rock sound from 65DaysOfStatic at their gig in Lido, although while there were quite a few songs with a hard rock beat, most of the show was heavily electronic. The experimental and uninhibited pieces were original with a strong drum line, seemingly chaotic at times, the music managed to pull me into an almost hypnotic state. Thumbs up.

If I had a word of criticism, it would only be that the set-list was too disparate, I was confused about which way the band is heading musically. Trying to gain a new audience without losing the old one is a tricky field to maneuver and might deter many fans, although I think 65DOS can pull it off, after all, their amazing onstage presence and enormous energy at the show left the audience enthusiastic and definitely hungry for more.

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Photos: Olga Baczynska


Event Details



START DATENovember 9

START TIME20:00:00


ADDRESSCuvrystrasse 7, 10997

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