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Sleigh Bells at Festsaal

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sleighbells2 e1296585714599 Sleigh Bells at FestsaalOpening the week long music and culture festival CTM.11, Sleigh Bells graced the stage at Festsaal Kreuzberg after a long introduction of lights and hardcore metal samples. The band wasted no time introducing themselves to the crowd via their vast and powerful sound; armed with only a guitar, programmed beats and vocals, the Brooklyn pair were able to conquer every corner of the venue with their hybrid mix of sweet pop and metal guitar riffs.

sleighbells3 199x300 Sleigh Bells at FestsaalSinger Alexis Krauss easily shifts from innocent pop vocals to metal screams to hip-hop flavoured choruses, sometimes within the space of a single song.

Throughout the show they barely came up for air, playing a continuous set full of back-to-back songs from their debut release Treats.

There was little verbal interaction with the audience, except to implore the already lively crowd to keep moving and maintain the high energy inside the venue. Songs such as Tell ‘Em and Infinity Guitars had the kids dancing, whilst RnB tinged Beach Girls and the more laid-back new single Rill Rill was brought about without compromising intensity.

Krauss is obviously at ease on the stage and holds complete command over her audience, frequently grasping the hands of those in the front row and sharing her microphone with those eager enough to sing her choruses. Guitarist Derek E Miller was similarly energetic, though he often disappeared from the spotlight to control the drum programming whilst Alexis dominated her space.sleighbells4 300x199 Sleigh Bells at Festsaal

Powering through their songs with such force meant their set felt almost as if it ended as soon as it began. However, we were left with a vivid impression of an exhilarating show from what is a very exciting live band.