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Tennis at Comet Club

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Tennis 3 e1295266702906 Tennis at Comet ClubThe recent buzz surrounding Denver-based duo Tennis has obviously travelled far and fast. Comet Club was packed with a fervent crowd – a mix of the curious and the dedicated – requesting songs from a yet to be released album and singing in earnest along with Alaina Moore’s lush 50’s inspired melodies.

Tennis 2 300x199 Tennis at Comet ClubOpening their brief set with Take Me Somewhere, the band set the precedent for the evening with ephemeral songs filled with high energy and dance moves to match. The show was comprised mostly of songs from their forthcoming debut Cape Dory, treating the audience into a preview of what, judging from the crowd’s reaction, could very well be a successful release. With their dreamy vocals and surf-rock guitar inspired by an eight-month sailing voyage, it was easy to forget the blistering cold outside and be warmed by the endearing sounds of Marathon and Pigeon.

Tennis 1 300x199 Tennis at Comet ClubAlaina’s between song banter revealed that this was in fact the band’s first visit to Europe; she could hardly conceal her surprise as audience members eagerly fought their way to a front of stage position to dance, cheer and beg for more songs once their set was complete.

Having played us most of their new release, they quickly added a new song they had written en-route to Berlin plus a sweet rendition of an obscure Brenda Lee track, which, with the branding of their very distinct style, could have easily been one of their own.

All throughout the night and into the next morning, the songs of Tennis have been swimming in my head – a sign of a great gig …and a newly converted fan.