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The Courteeners at Magnet Club

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The Courteeners 1073235a 300x202 The Courteeners at Magnet ClubI loved the Courteeners. I still do. I probably always will do. A Manchester band through and through, they proved tonight that they can rock any venue they choose to.

Support came from the more subdued Junes, a charming indie pop band from Switzerland, who played without some of their usual line up – namely the violin and cello – which might have added something more to their set.

Then it was time for the heroes themselves, Fray, Campbell, Moores and Cuppello (wearing a fetching ‘Bass Spieler’ t-shirt), to take to the stage. As a band who can easily fill the Manchester Evening News Arena with fans, and with two headline shows at Castlefield Bowl this July which sold out within three hours, it must have been strange for them, to play such a understated and intimate gig in Berlin. But this was all the better for the fans, who had more than enough room to dance and enjoyed being up close and personal to the boys.

Much of the local German crowd had waited a couple of years to see the band since their last visit to the German Hauptstadt so were naturally very excited. And of course, a loyal Mancunian contingent showed up, offering chants of ‘Liam, Liam’ and ‘Manchester, la la la’ at every possible moment. Liam Fray was quick to hush them though: ‘No, no, no. That works in Manchester. We’re in Berlin now,’ he told them.

It was really touching to hear Liam, a frontman who’s normally full of bravado, come out with, “We didn’t know if there would be anyone here tonight.” They definitely don’t deserve to feel like that. Their current set is brilliant, especially now that songs from the new album ANNA such as Are You in Love With a Notion?, Lose Control and