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The Fast Forwards at Comet

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Sunglasses? I suppose when you're blond and Swedish you can get away with that.

Listening to The Fast Forwards always makes me feel very Down In The Past, if you know what I mean. Don’t get me wrong, they’re not Mando Diao copycats, it’s just that there’s something very distinctive about Swedish rock music.

I saw the The Fast Forwards for the second time last night. The first time I went to one of their shows was back in March when they played at White Trash. It must be a little awkward for bands to play at White Trash because it’s a restaurant, so people would just sit their and eat (and complain about the noise). I was very excited when the band recently announced the release of their debut album on Rockhit Records and a club tour.
Post-show exhaustion.

The Fast Forwards once more proved that they are an excellent live band. I loved every minute of the show. They launched into the set with As You Were from their self released digital EP. It wasn’t until the third song that they played a track from the album (Senseless Hits Right On The Spot For The Numb). The setlist was a great mix of new songs from the album and old ones. They played the entire EP and a couple of tracks that were never properly released (Under The Surface, Step Back, No One Left).

IMG 1529 225x300 The Fast Forwards at CometThe crowd was absolutely amazing. In the middle and back of the room you had your typical shy Berlin audience but in the front row there was a pack of groupies. There was a group of ladies in their 40s and a couple of young girls singing and dancing to every song. It was absolutely hilarious.

In the afternoon the band were interviewed on Radio1 in Berlin. You can listen to the interview and download a live acoustic version of Felicia below.


As You Were
Lonely Times
Senseless Hits Right On The Spot For The Numb
Step Back
Leave It To The Old
Enough Is Enough
Lead & Follow
Around Here
This Is What Happens
As Long As We Don’t Fake
All My Life
Over The Surface

No One Left