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These New Puritans at HAU

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In writing Hidden, These New Puritans have succeeded in creating one of the year’s most audacious records. However, such ambition in the studio can often lead to underwhelming, lackluster live shows. Moving away from that potential almost as much as possible, tonight’s concert was something truly special, as joining the four-piece on stage are the Arndt-Gymnasium children’s choir and the 15-piece brass and woodwind Stargaze Ensemble.

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After instrumental opener ‘Time Xone‘, the band launch into 7 minute epic ‘We Want War’, ably recreating the moody choral arrangements and menacing brass of the album version. A few tracks in, the audience (bizarrely composed of schoolparents and trendy hairstyles) slowly leave their seats and ease forward, elevating the energy levels in the room.

Sharing centre stage are lead singer Jack Barnett and Gorillaz conductor Andr