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Gig Toro Y Moi at Comet Club

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Keeping a finger firmly on the pulse of what is fresh and exciting in new music without succumbing to what is simply considered “cool” amongst today’s listeners, Toro Y Moi’s Monday night set at Comet Club was a mix of his broad-styled catalogue, showcasing his talent for catchy, dance inducing pop mixed with a nod to classic funk and soul.

Making a very quiet and modest entry to the stage, the band began their set by slowly easing into their comfort zone and cajoling the sold-out crowd along with them. The feeling across the venue was initially a little reserved, until first album single Talamak made an appearance and encouraged mass dancing and an altogether more relaxed vibe.

The band were mildly inhibited in the beginning of their hour-long set, however this came across more as shyness and concentration on their respective instruments rather than a jaded impression you occasionally feel with bands tired of the touring circuit. Singer and founding member Chaz Bundick himself appeared diffident, but was genuinely humbled at the generous reactions he was receiving to his set. At times his vocals were buried under a muddy mix, but fortunately this didn’t falter his performance or compromise their overall sound and enthusiasm.

A balanced mix of songs from both 2010’s Causers of This and 2011’s Under the Pine appeared throughout, appealing to all concertgoers whilst also previewing some fresh material. Songs such as Elise and Still Sound benefited well from their live setup; coming from records that are mostly effects-heavy, the songs were perfectly complimented by a tight rhythm section and simpler arrangements. Although evidently still developing his vast and unique style across his recent releases, the tunes flowed easily between each other and never came across as disjointed.

Finishing up on what felt like an all too brief set, the band were just warming up before they made a quick disappearance, leaving me and noticeably the rest of the crowd eager for more.