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The first thing one notices when meeting Ofri Brin, aka Ofrin, is her beautiful, red and wavy hair like that of a lion. An animal that has a symbolic meaning to her, with it’s strength helping her to overcome personal setbacks to get where she is today. Ofrin just released her 3rd studio album and is currently preparing for a short May tour with her band.

Combining earthy melodies with electronic beats, sound samples, synth loops and Bulgarian vocal harmonies, she manged to independently create a very unique blend of pop. The founders of Dresden label Kreismusic fell in love with her sound so much that they decided to sign her up as the only other act on their roster. Things are looking good for Ofrin.

I had a chance to catch up with her at Postbanhof, where she played later that night supporting Kaeptn Peng.

You have described your music as Universal Pop, if you were to explain it to someone, what would you say?

Always a very difficult question. For me, it’s like a blueprint of my blood. My mother and father come from all over the world and my grandmother has Polish, German and Tuniasian roots, and, of course, I am Israeli. I always went into the Avant-garde pop area, but in this album I tried to stay very down to earth with the pop material; a bit more up front, so it’s much more fire than it was before

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