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In April of this year I met up with Piano Moving Company to talk about future plans, past shows and their Berlin experiences thus far. Originally from Burlington in the U.S., they made their name here by playing, quite literally, underground shows at the Kottbusser Tor U-Bahn station earlier this year. Armed with positive energy, accordion, guitar and clever lyrics they brought some much needed life to this rather sketchy spot, won themselves a fan base and were soon playing real shows all over town.

Their music is a treat for anyone with a sentiment for old-time tunes, a mix of blues, ragtime, bluegrass and chanson and finally after a long absence everyone will be able to enjoy these kids live again. They roll back into town as part of their European Tour with Vermont Joy Parade, their original band and the source of most of their songs. They’ve got several shows lined up over the next month so make room in your calendar.

Anna and Benjamin of Piano Moving Company were fun to talk to, here’s Part One of the interview:

What’s your connection to Vermont Joy Parade?

Benny: Vermont Joy Parade is a collective. When we started, it was a bunch of our friends who were song writers and musicians that came together for a project. Eventually that became a super solid band, and because it was successful, we figured it’s definitely a band more than a collective. When half of us came out here (Berlin), we called ourselves Piano Moving Company. We play most of the same songs plus extra stuff with new arrangements.


What made you come to Berlin?

Anna: I had the luck of meeting a Berlin singer-songwriter named Rike Scheffler who was touring in the U.S.. Our paths crossed because we had a mutual aquaintance we were both staying with. A conversation ensued and I told her I was feeling like making a fresh start somewhere new. She said “Oh, you’d love Berlin. I’ll help you out.” I was very excited about this so I sold everything I owned and I bought a one way ticket.
When Benny joined me here (Berlin) we started to gig. Then, Galen joined us and we had this incredible run of shows. It really thaught me that at this time of my life, my place is with the band. Going back to the U.S.

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