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The story of these two starts in France…the first time they played live it was clear they would become rock and roll stars. This innovative, off-kilter French duo release their first album The Woman in March and are well on their way to establishing themselves in Berlin’s burgeoning music scene.

Tracy’O is no ordinary band. It’s a project inspired by memories of a woman, her desires, hopes, fears and obstacles she had to face to fullfill her dreams. Through the medium of music, sounds and narration, Del and Bertrand take us on a quest to sketch out the story of her life.

But before we get too serious…

What is your favourite Berlin venue?

(Del) I like the former Bang Bang Club, the Levee now. Lido is also not bad. Why do you like Levee? It’s small, “human size”.

(Bertrand) I also like Antje Oeklesund. I like the guys that run it.

What do you find most rewarding about being a musician?

(Del) For me it’s about the freedom to express your emotions and share them with other people through music. It’s something you don’t have to think about you just have to feel it.

(Bertrand) It’s a perfect medium to catalyse emotions.

Have you ever wanted to quit playing music?

(Bertrand) Yeah, I’ve already done that. Only because I met Del I came back to it.

(Del) No, never.

How did you guys actually meet?

(Del) We went to the same university in Paris. We attended the same course and ended up meeting in a cafe during a strike. It took us about a week to start playing together.

(Bertrand) Two weeks later we did our first concert together. But not as Tracy’O.

You just got signed. How did it happen?

(Bertrand) We gave our demo to some labels and one of them Pale Music Int. got back to us a few hours later. They listened to the music and thought it’s great.

It wasn’t the first time you sent out demos, or was it?

(Bertrand) No.

(Del) It wasn’t actually a demo but a whole record. We used demos when we were really starting out. For a year we worked really hard on our material and when we were happy with it we recorded a proper album. When it was ready we decided we should find a label.

(Bertrand) And after giving the album to a few people and labels it happened pretty fast.

How old were you when you started playing music?

(Del) I guess around 4 or 5. Actual instruments? I started playing music on a piano and around 12 I switched to guitar.

(Bertrand) I started around 13.

In a few words how would you describe your music?

(Del) Hmmm. Intense and passionate but fun also. There is that other side to it.

You are about to release the album. When you were deciding on the cover what was important to you?

(Del) More or less the music. We wanted the cover to go straight to the point. To be clear and simple. So basically the cover was supposed to convey what music you can find inside? Yeah, it’s quite hard to know that looking at a cover but I guess it’s a good representation of what we do.

(Bertrand) I wanted the cover to invite people to listen to the music but at the same time allow them to create their own picture of what the music represents to them.

What band musician have you listened to in the past that makes you cringe now? Give us the dirt.

(Bertrand) Oh yeah there is a band that I listened to at a certain point of my life…The Offspring. That’s not a shame, everybody listened to it. To me it’s now a shame.

(Del) I loved it it’s not a shame at all [everybody laughs]. I used to listen to Californian punk rock music.

(Bertrand) I have nothing better than that.

(Del) I’m not really ashamed of the music that I listened to, because there is no music that you can be ashamed of. How about the early 90′s dance music? Still.

What song or music would you like to be played at your funeral?

(Bertrand) Oh Man [laughs].
A bit of Offspring?

(Bertrand) Yeah, sure [laughs]


We have time.

(Del) It’s a big question. I have to think about it. What if I die now and that will be the song.

(Bertrand) No music for me.

( Del ) Death is not the end by Nick Cave and guests.

The next chance to see Tracy’O perform is on March 11th at Madame Claude. Find out more about Del (vocals) & Bert (guitar) by visiting

Interview & Images: Olga Baczynska

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