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Spring Offensive at White Trash

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6247342895 e2c8b517cd z Spring Offensive at White Trash Photo courtesy of Doerte Heilewelt

When I studied in Oxford little did I realize that there was a world outside the academic one. But yes, there’s actual townsfolk in Oxford and there is also a music scene. A few weeks back I first heard of Spring Offensive and I was happy to hear that they would be touring Germany.

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Photo courtesy of DOerte Heilewelt

By the time I got to White Trash the place was packed. It’s always good for new bands to play at parties because people will come regardless of the band. When the band took the stage at 1am I squeezed past the tourists blocking my view and got a place at the front. The stage was a bit small for a five-piece band but everyone managed not to step on one another’s toes.

The band launched into their set with A Stutter And A Start which is their latest single and were met with good reception by the crowd. It was followed by a new song called Ridgefield.

The songs I was looking forward to the most were played at the very end. The last song was A Coin which is a story about someone eating, well, coins. I always wondered wether this is a response to the financial crisis. Anyway, it’s advised not to do it at home.

The band then came back to the stage to play the anthemic I Found Myself smiling which is my most favourite song of theirs so far. I was amazed by how well the band harmonised live, particularly in the parts that have several voices at once. I believe the band’s combination of folk and math-rock is unique.

Outside I talked to their manager Chris for a while who scribbled down the setlist for me. I also met D